Not a baboon brandishing a stick
Dragged onto tumblr kicking
and screaming. Which means
I'm going to love it.
“The thing is I don’t remember this book, this book that was “the most amazing,” this book that made me cry. I don’t know how I feel about this. Some sadness that I can’t actually know who I was then, before adolescence, moving away, sex, money, a sometime adulthood, many more struggles, and loves. I also feel some gladness in realizing my sense of my own childhood isn’t entirely accurate. There are holes.”

Running Into My 12-Year-Old Self Online is exactly as elegiac and uncomfortable as you’d imagine. (via twobossydames)

I still have access to all of my Livejournals back to 2001. It’s … bizarre. This is a really nice piece. 

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Move My Stuff day!


Well my parents made it and the truck is tiny and we have to load a bunch here but then we’re off to unload. Hooray!

(Move myself day is next weekend, really.)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

My family is so good at moving. Fit the queen sized bed and the extra couch in and everything else loaded under an hour. 


Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage,  r a g e  against the dying of the light. 

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Move My Stuff day!

Well my parents made it and the truck is tiny and we have to load a bunch here but then we’re off to unload. Hooray!

(Move myself day is next weekend, really.)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

And then I saw that Melissa Fumero had been cast as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I felt my guts roll up into my throat and try to escape out of my mouth. Omgomgomgomg that’s it then. There’s no way in hell a major network is gonna cast two Latina actresses in such a tight ensemble show I AM SCREWED.

And then next day my agents called and told me I’d booked it.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been saying to my boyfriend the night before how there was JUST NO WAY. Normally, The Latina is a singular element of the ensemble she is working in. She’s there to provide contrast, or sexuality, or humor. Or she’s there to clean the floors and/or steal your man. There are some serious stereotypes very much alive in film and TV today, and The Latina is one of them.

Here’s the thing though. The world is changing. Slowly but surely, television is changing. The character stereotypes are changing, or being turned inside out by some fantastic writers and actors (I’m looking at you, Orange is the New Black, Scandal, and The Mindy Project). People of color are on TV playing roles that are fleshed out, complex, human. And yes, some of those characters are maids. Some are sexy heartbreakers there to steal your man. Some own BBQ joints, while some are Chiefs of Staff. Some are prisoners, and some are cops. All are real people with hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, and all the other vast human emotions and desires…

…This is important. Because young women are watching TV, and they are getting messages about who they are in the world, who the world will allow them to be. And in big important steps, television is showing a reflection back to those young women that YOU CAN BE WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE, and that two Latinas on one show is NORMAL. I think that’s a win for everybody.


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I think every theatre kid has experienced that moment when they see a show for the first time and realize that the plot they made up in their head based on the soundtrack is 500 percent wrong


so here’s a fun story about this movie. guess who loves this movie? me! i do! i love this movie. i love this movie so much that when i was in the 7th grade and i saw “first wives club 2” on pay per view i was like: HELL YEAH!! FIRST WIVES CLUB TWO!! NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A SEQUEL!!!

here’s the synopsis for first wives club 2:

disgruntled first wives take their ex-husbands’ new lovers under their wing.

sounds great, right? awesome viewing material for a precocious 11-year-old.

so i buy this movie, and like, three minutes into it i’m starting to feel suspicious?? like it’s really low quality and my girls are nowhere in sight?? how come none of the first wives are the same?? how come they’re alone in a bedroom with mood lighting?? why is she taking off her shirt?? why are they both taking off their shirts?? WHY ARE THEY—

here’s what i did not know about first wives club 2:

  • it is a lesbian porno of no relation to the beloved 1996 classic.

so of course i, horrified that i’ve accidentally bought porn on my family’s account (and in that state of panic that kids work themselves into whenever anything regarding sex is mentioned), quickly shut off the TV and go upstairs and watch an episode of veggie tales to like, cleanse my soul and apologize to jesus, and that’s that.


  • you have to pay for pay per view.

so the end of the month comes and i have completely put this incident out of my mind, haha, i accidentally bought porn, how funny, TELL NO ONE. right? and i’m sitting at a nice dinner with my mother, my stepfather, and my very religious aunt deb, and we’re just talking about farm things, whatever, when suddenly my mother puts her fork down and says, “okay, there’s something we need to discuss. as a family.”


and i’m like, running through a list of people i know who could conceivably be dead, and fantasizing about my mother announcing that she’s going to buy me My Own Computer Just Because U Earned It Kiddo, and she pulls out a piece of paper that says DIRECTV across the top. and i’m like: OH NO.

"i received the tv bill today," my mother said, and i was like, shoveling potatoes into my mouth as fast as i could because i knew that when i went to PORN PRISON they weren’t going to feed me this kind of quality starch. "does anybody want to tell me who purchased the pornography?"

as a reminder, a quick table survey:

  • my mother, surprised and disappointed by the porn bill (innocent)
  • my stepfather, a grumbly old cowboy who just wants to sing along to kenny chesney and watch the hunt for red october (innocent)
  • my aunt deb, a super religious catholic whose best friend is a nun named Sister Placid (innocent)
  • me, the 11-year-old with a mouthful of potatoes who definitely purchased the lesbian pornography


my mother said, “i’m not going to ask again.”



my mother shook her head and put the bill down. “this was incredibly inappropriate,” she said. “skip, deb, whoever. buy that shit on your own time. i’m not paying for it. what if molly had seen it?”


"don’t expose my kid to that crap."

  • DON’T
  • MY KID

"if you want to watch porn, fine, but do it in private and don’t expect me to pay for it. i can’t believe one of you did that in the living room."


but molly, why didn’t you own up to it and explain that it was an accident?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • i did not want to go to porn prison

the fun conclusion to this story is that i never owned up to it, which means that there are 3 people in the world who have not solved the mystery of the lesbian porn. a quick survey:

  • my mother, who lives every day wondering whose porn she paid for
  • my stepfather, who probably wishes he knew less about his wife’s sister’s porn preferences
  • my aunt, who probably wishes she knew less about her sister’s husband’s porn preferences

but molly, why don’t you own up to it now, with the safety of time and distance and the knowledge that porn prison isn’t real?

  • are you fucking kidding
  • this is the best thing i’ve ever done

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i love that you got your name wrong

I FIXED IT. Sortof. 

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You and I are dessert twins. :D (And I would argue that both of those go well with ice cream…mmmm….now I’m hungry, shoot).

Look I’m catching up on all my memes!

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I tag castleramblings, allstartstofade, batsonthebrain, idristardis, wingsofnight and whoever else wants to play.

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I was tagged by sapphireglyphs who is wonderful.

Here are your questions:

1. If you can choose the name of a girl and a boy what would they be?

I like my grandmother’s middle name, Cordelia. I don’t know about boys I don’t have a lot in my family and I’m not thinking of any in particular.

2. What is one super power you would love to have?

Flight. I’m always running late. That would help, right?

3. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Guardians of the Galaxy. 

4. Would you rather be immortal or have the ability to time travel?

Time travel, I think. Immortality has a lot of really scary implications.

5. Which TV show do you love but you might not recommend to someone?

HA. Um. Teen Wolf, AOS, NCIS LA (until last season then I stopped recommending it to myself)

6. What section of the bookstore would I find the story of your life shelved in?

Young Adult.

7. Favorite type of dessert?

Tie between Apple Pie and Strawberry Shortcake. 

8. What is your preferred sport to watch?

Uhhhh, live? Basketball. On tv? American football. 

9. Post a .gif of what you’re currently feeling right now.

10. Recommend a fanfic for me to read. 

Do you like Harry Potter? I just reblogged this one about Hannah Abbot. 

11. Use this question section as a way to vent. Rant all you want here about anything you want to get off your chest! No judgement; this is a safe space.

Not much ranting here, just nerves about the move, wishing I had more time to write, wishing my face would stop with the oil, you know. Normal stuff. 


Skye having none of Wards excuses.



It was Gamora's story. But. Silence and patience, or, being able to consciously shape how others perceive her has probably been a key survival skill for her all her life. In the home that she has as a backstory, she had to learn that watchful patience, or die. Is it a coincidence, though, that so many of the female superheroes we are seeing in movies at the moment are so damaged and abused that they have to be what others expect or what others need all the goddamn time? -Jenna


Hi! Yes, you’re right, Gamora had reason not to to yell about her nonconsensual making the way Rocket did. (She had similar reason not to give Peter her backstory at all, but, well, exposition, I suppose). I would have loved to see the narrative yell for her though.

But what your ask really makes me want is a Rescue movie, actually. I mean, I love Gamora, I love Natasha, I love these “all things to all people all the time” women and their sharp complexity, but you’re right that that is one of the only kinds of superheroine we’re given on the big screen.

So how about this: let’s do a trilogy: the unreliable narrator backstory of little Natasha Romanoff and the Red Room; a Gamora and Nebula film to rival the greatest heights of Loki and Thor’s bro-angst; and Rescue, which is Pepper Potts kicking butt in an Iron Man suit while Tony freaks out in her earpiece.

Oh, yes, I want a buddy cop Rescue/War Machine movie. That’s it. Pepper and Rhodey saving the world really competently. Rolling their eyes at Tony. This is what my heart calls for. Co-starring the Falcon. Yes.

And instead of Thor 3, let’s have Jane, who is studying the Bifrost on a grant from NASA (who, years after the fact, is still hyperventilating over the existence of aliens), discover Loki posing as Odin. Thor is off avengering someplace out of cell reception, so Jane and her erstwhile intern Darcy Lewis have to team up with Sif to reveal Loki and save both worlds. Jane saves the universe with science. Again. Sif and Darcy make out.

Oh, oh, and the Nick Fury and Maria Hill movie, where they hunt down HYDRA agents around the world; Nick on the ground, having to adjust to being a field agent again, having to rediscover what kind of hero he wants to be after his faith in his own judgement was shattered by Pierce’s betrayal, and Maria playing the intelligence game from Stark headquarters, going drinking with Pepper and fending off HYDRA assassins like flies.

A Sharon Carter and Natasha Romanoff film, where Sharon is sent by the CIA to covertly investigate a series of suspicous killings just outside Moscow after one of their own agents is found dead. Sharon finds Natasha there (Natasha probably saves her butt in the middle of a firefight and/or car chase, then dramatically enters the scene) and Natasha offers to team up, but Sharon is uncertain if Nat is really chasing the people behind the assassinations or if she’s the killer herself.